Jealous woman plasters infidelity details on husband’s car

_44638225_poster226A jealous South African woman plastered posters (with her husband’s detailed infidelities listed on them) on his car.

Locals passed by while taking snap shots with cell phones because this was so shocking for them to see. I guess they haven’t become acquainted with Tricia Walsh Smith. Really, what’s next–someone’s husband being castrated in Central Park?

Of course it always has something to do with someone not getting enough money. A poster on the trunk of Madame X’s car read:
“If my soon-to-be-ex-husband thinks he can:

bed down cheap women, buy them underwear, wine and dine them in the best restaurants, take them on five-star holidays, take ‘excite’ tablets for erectile dysfunction, go out boozing each night AND not pay me my maintenance as ordered by court, and think I will take no action, he has another thing coming.”

The woman, whose name is being withheld, stood by her car for hours explaining to a crowd how her husband started cheating on her after 36 years of marriage, and because she is now struggling financially, she is demanding a bigger payout.

Women everywhere need to get a grip. Doing these things in the name of ‘revenge’, make your husbands’ actions look honorable in comparison.

Why is it though, that certain people believe two people will stay together forever? Men always cheat–they feel the need to plant their seed inside multiple women. If this guy really waited until 36 years were up…Madame X should consider herself lucky!

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