Jealous woman plasters infidelity details on husband’s car

_44638225_poster226A jealous South African woman plastered posters (with her husband’s detailed infidelities listed on them) on his car.

Locals passed by while taking snap shots with cell phones because this was so shocking for them to see. I guess they haven’t become acquainted with Tricia Walsh Smith. Really, what’s next–someone’s husband being castrated in Central Park?

Of course it always has something to do with someone not getting enough money. A poster on the trunk of Madame X’s car read:
“If my soon-to-be-ex-husband thinks he can:

bed down cheap women, buy them underwear, wine and dine them in the best restaurants, take them on five-star holidays, take ‘excite’ tablets for erectile dysfunction, go out boozing each night AND not pay me my maintenance as ordered by court, and think I will take no action, he has another thing coming.”

The woman, whose name is being withheld, stood by her car for hours explaining to a crowd how her husband started cheating on her after 36 years of marriage, and because she is now struggling financially, she is demanding a bigger payout.

Women everywhere need to get a grip. Doing these things in the name of ‘revenge’, make your husbands’ actions look honorable in comparison.

Romantic Gift Ideas

Unique Gifts for your Unique Woman

giftThe best romantic gifts have a personal touch. Perhaps you have some photographs of you both on your phone that you both like. Put the best in a silver frame and have it engraved with a personal message. You can buy multiple photo frames to create a collage. Your gift could be a photo-printer that can attach to a smartphone so you can print out photographs that you both love at any time.

Romantic gifts don’t have to cost much money. A love letter is priceless when written from the heart how you feel about your loved one. Written by hand on paper lightly scented by your favorite cologne, the effort is always much appreciated. If you lack a bit of confidence, get a book of love poetry and borrow from the experts. If there is a particular verse that has meaning for you both, perhaps something used at your wedding, have that printed and framed to grace the walls of your home as a reminder of your wedding and the love you share.

Flowers, jewelry and chocolates are obvious romantic gifts, but you can make these personal to your partner too. Flowers symbolise many forms of love, so you can choose one to fit what it is you want to say. Red roses are an obvious choice for love and passion, but consider Tulips for pure love or lilies that represent friendship and devotion.

We all know that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but consider her style and her personality before you go straight for the grand gesture. A cuff bracelet with gems might be more her style than a pair of diamond earrings or a heart-shaped necklace (check There are good quality synthetic gems if your budget doesn’t stretch to natural gems. You might decide it more suitable to get jewelry with her birthstone or personalised with her name.

Chocolates are another obvious romantic gift. It’s an easy gesture to buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates from the local store, so try making your own chocolate candy or look for an acclaimed chocolatier for the very best for your love. When you are alone, bake some chocolate chip cookies, (use a mix if you want to be sure) so that your home smells great when she returns.

What was Beyoncé thinking?

dereon-baby001Beyoncé Knowles has released a new line of clothing for young girls, Dereon Girls Collection. One thing that has slipped her mind, however, is that children don’t usually dress in 4 inch heel pumps, not to mention the
leopard pimp hats, boas and faces packed full of make-up. What has possessed this woman to go in this direction? Are these designs for pageant girls only?

This latest catastrophe is why certain people should stick to what they know best. Beyoncé has made millions off of her mediocre singing, so why does she need to design clothes?

It gets more interesting when looking at her full collection. Beyoncé hasn’t bothered to hire any models–she has just used herself in most of the ads. This egotistical behaviour is sure to dampen her music career. It isn’t the first time Beyoncé thought she could do no wrong–the 2005 Academy Awards saw Beyoncé singing every nominated song–even the main theme from Les Choristes…it was embarrassing. Why had she done it? What was going through her mind when she took the stage song after song? I think it is time for her to grow up and realize all of those compliments that blew her head up to the size it is now, weren’t all true.